la petite margueritte

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" I carve, burnish, solder, or I make with lost wax, silver dresses for beautiful stones that the sea has dragged into the sand, I create pieces without mold, one by one to give a job as much as possible,

I lose myself in meters and meters of silver thread to create fragile, simple hetero rings and earrings that look for detail, a revolution of the small things and in which time and soul have been dedicated, I take the blue and the marine waters to your fingers, trying to transmit them the peace that the sea breeze gives me so that you take it in your daily battles.

I work with 930 silver alloy and certified in Barcelona, I collect pebbles from all the beaches where I go and work in the workshop. I am passionate about jewelry, I try to transform the material creating a quotidine and unique piece in a world too full of reproductions. "

La Petite Margueritte