1 The ticket is made from exclusive high security paper, inks and other unfalsifiable systems. Do noy buy on the street or at a unofficial point of sale, is very likely to be false and won’t allow access to the venue. The organizer declines all responsability.

2 The ticket or invitation constitutes the license to attend the show reviewed by once. Resale the ticket is not allowed.

3 Any broken, amended or proof of falsification ticket authorize the organizer to deprive the owner to access the venue.

4 Is prohibited to entry with cans, bottles, weapons, umbrellas and any other sharp or blunt objects that the organization considers dangerous.

5 The bearer of the ticket accepts that he can be search under the law when entering the venues, for the sole purpose to accomplish the required safety conditions, so in case of refusal the search, you will be denied the entrance to the enclosure.

6 On the same way, the organizer may refuse the access to the venue to the bearer of the ticket if he rationally considers that he or she can be a risk, danger or could create altercation. It may proceed to expel him from the premises if the circumstances described happen.

7 In any case, the assistant to the act assumes sole responsibility the massive concert character and therefore the risks that may occur to his person or property.

8 The organization reserves the right to change or alter the original planned programme, and change the start time and the venue that is marked in the back of the ticket. Adverse weather conditions are not entitled to a refund of the entry.

9 If in case of force majeure or justified causes the show could not start, the organization may set a new date at its discretion to celebrate the show, so it would be valid the same ticket, unable to claim refunds unless the new date differs by more than a month from the date that appears on the show ticket. If the act is definitely suspended, the amount of the ticket will be returned within 15 days from the date marked at the ticket of the show and by the process the organizer considers.

10 Conversely, if the suspension occurs once the show started for any reason, the organizer shall not be required to establish a new date or refund the entry.

11 It is strictly forbidden to record and/or broadcast this concert as well as make any frame, prohibiting the entry to the premises with any apparatus for recording and/or sound broadcast and/or audiovisual.

12 If for any external reason to the organizer, any published artist suspend its performance prior to the day of the concert, or the same day for justified reasons, the organizer reserves the right to change for other similar artist if he had the material time, not returning in any case the amount of tickets if the others artists performance continue.

13 The possession of a ticket does not entitle the owner thereof to third parties or to use the same content for advertising, marketing or promotion (including contests, giveaways or sweepstakes). Not to accomplish this point will oblige the owner or authorized user to pay a penalty equivalent to one thousand times the price of the most expensive ticket to the event.

14 The use of public transport is recommended to attend this event.