Second VIDA 2018 launch party: Sr. Canario + Lava Fizz

On December 13th we will celebrate the second VIDA 2018 launch party at Estrella Damm's "Antiga Fàbrica" (Roselló 515, Barcelona) with the performances of Sr. Canario and Lava Fizz.

Sr. Canario, the solo project of Dani Vega (guitarist of Mishima), will take the opportunity to perform his LP debut Estado Natural. An album that explores a surprising mix between pop-rock and latin and funk rhythms. On the other hand, the Mallorcan quintet Lava Fizz will play live the dreamy songs of Spark of Hope, his EP debut. The band led by David Goodman will perform their indie-pop songs based on luminous melodies and dynamic guitars.

The entrance, as usual, will be free with VIDA's 2018 4-day pass, and you can invite one person with you!

Festa de presentació con plantilla4.jpg