zulu zulu


Zulu Zulu is a project born in Mallorca in 2015, the band is composed by the musicians Miquel Mesquida, Miquel Perelló and Pep Toni Ferrer altogether with the set designer Victoria Gil and the Mexican artist JuMu.

The proposal, based on African music and sung in an invented language, leaves no one indifferent. Luminous landscapes, ancient rhythms and an impeccable staging are some of its strengths. Although Zulu Zulu have never been in Africa, the Majorcan band is able to cross the Mediterranean Sea and transmit all the African magic in their sound.  

A project that is materialized in  “Defensa Zebra” (Foehn Records, 2017), a debut record plenty of an overwhelming energy and starred by luminous melodies, collective songs, psychedelic nuances and frantic rhythms.